What are the benefits of the new Delta-8 cannabinoid?

Where does Delta-8 come from?

All of our Delta-8 products are 100 hemp derived and are 100% USDA compliant. Our concentrates are specially designed for DAB rigs only. Take the concentrate challenge and order your round of Delta-8 products today.

Does Delta-8 help with anxiety?

Research shows people with high anxiety can benefit from using Delta-8 products that also contain levels of CBD and other cannabinoids making these products ‘Broad Spectrum’ and 100% USDA farm bill compliant. 

Is it ok to fly with Delta-8 in my bags?

As of this post, Delta-8 is not in the controlled substances list and is legal to fly on an airplane with. We always suggest checking on the most current ruling before taking your next flight with your Delta-8 products.

Is Delta-8 good for pain relief?

Yes, it has been proven with trials and data that Delta-8 does help with relieving pain, nausea, anxiety and stimulates appetite without the intense effects of it’s sister plant Delta-9 cannabis.

Will i fail a drug test usinf Delta-8 products?

Currently you run the risk of failing a drug test while taking any Delta-8, Delta-9 or even CBD products due to the current federal laws and the existing calibration of the third party testing equipment.

Is Delta-8 THC natural or synthetic?

When derived from hemp the Delta-8 THC cannabinoid is legal per the 2018 USDA Farm Bill,  and is considered a natural form of the substance. As of the 2021 final ruling from the USDA the cannabinoid is 100% legal as long as it is not synthetically produced. All of our products are 100% compliant hemp derived.